About Tink

Your world is what you make of it

What if you could create your world? Tink is a toolkit that allows kids to engage with familiar objects in new ways. The kit includes six sensors (light, sound, tilt, vibration, people, temperature), six plugs, and an iPad application. With Tink, kids can program items in their environments using sensory input, such as "if dad comes home, surprise him with his favorite song," or "if someone opens my diary, scare them with a sound." Tink empowers kids to tinker with their environments, thereby enabling them as engineers, builders, and makers.

"As educational technologists, we should try to imagine what the child’s room (or maybe the classroom) might look like, not merely what sort of interface is provided on a computer screen."
Eisenberg, Mindstuff

Who We Are

Alfredo Sandes

When I was a kid, I used to break things at home. Several legos and playmobils after, I decided to become an Electrical Engineer. After I graduated, I couchsurfed the world for six months, and then I was a cofounder at a startup called Geekie in Brazil, focused on testprep and adaptive learning. Now, as a Stanford Masters student and a Lemann Fellow, my goal is to bring the tinkering experience to other kids - and surf as many couches as possible.


Kunal Chawla

Before Stanford, I taught grade six science at a middle school in India and absolutely loved it. During the year, I used constructionist learning principles to encourage my students to solve problems. Here are some videos from that year. Prior to teaching, I worked as a consultant for Google -- leading the development of their online education platform to bring real-time quizzing tools to middle school students across north India. I also hold a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.


Megan Chiou

I've always loved making things - as a child it was a blanket crocheted with the green alien from Toy Story and as a college student, it continued with painting, printmaking, and photography. After college, I spent a couple of years teaching art to a group of unbelievably talented students who inspired me to return to creating work of my own. I subsequently shifted to design. Today, I find myself at Stanford tinkering and creating products that aim to delight and inspire.


Thank You.

to Contributors & Supporters

Mr. Reece Duca for generous financial support.

Karin, Jamie, our wonderful testers, and the LDT ’13 cohort for their never-ending support, guidance, and patience